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Taxonomy of Design | Bibliotekstan


by Aesop

Aesop Bibliotekstan is a meditation on the principal tenets of the Scandinavian aesthetic – an appreciation of natural materials and organic forms, and a refined minimalism that achieves coolness without losing its human quality. The store is positioned on a charming street in one of Stockholm’s most historic retail districts, Bibliotekstan, established in 1885. Instigated through collaboration between local architects In Praise of Shadows and artist and furniture designer Lies-Marie Hoffman, this project sits at the intersection of their respective disciplines. A diverse array of Swedish cultural influences helped inform the introspective design – from the art of Carl Larsson to the films of Ingmar Bergman and Lars Von Trier.

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Rosie Lowe | Behind Control

Directed by Jacob Hopewell

To celebrate the release of debut album ‘Control’, Rosie Lowe has shared a short film documenting the writing and recording process behind the album. The film includes never-before-seen footage of Rosie at home, in the studio and behind the scenes including an interview with the executive producer behind ‘Control’ Dave Okumu (known for his work with Jessie Ware, Kwabs and The Invisible among others.)

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Léo Paris

Directed by Pierre David

Editorial video for fashion designer Léo Paris. Characterized by its founders, Matthias and Leonneke, Léo explores the connection between Antwerp, Brussels and Paris. The Léo girl is a creative daydreamer, a curious traveller, a cheerfull dancer but most of all a friend.  In every collection she takes you on a personal journey, discovering unique places, people, colors, shapes and materials.

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David Lynch on Creativity

by The Atlantic

“Ideas are like fish. And you don’t make the fish, you catch the fish”

In 2008, The Atlantic sat down with the filmmaker David Lynch as he mused about inspiration and how to capture the flow of creativity. Now, we’ve animated his words of advice. “A lot of artists think that suffering is necessary,” he says. “But in reality, any kind of suffering cramps the flow of creativity.”

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Alpines – Saviour

Directed by Catherine Pockson

Music video ‘Saviour’ is from the British band Alpines’ debut album ‘Oasis’.