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Quiet cafes, bright studios, and calm spaces where you can work or meditate.

We are chasing quietude in Kuala Lumpur.

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Fernanda Yamamoto believes that understanding traditional is essential to unique designs.

Our conversation with one of the most up-and-coming designers of Brazil.

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From symmetric reflections to radial swirls, Bordeaux architecture reveals its modern side through geometric balance. Visual Essay by Olivier Morisse & Laetitia Modine.

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London-based graphic designer and photographer Ed Robertson focuses his lens on documenting urban space.

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The trip to the museum or the art exhibition can be the way to strengthen your own good taste and identify yourself with the city space.Interview with Kristina Kulakova from #viennacontemporaryMag.

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Mountains silhouette & urban forests: Rio de Janeiro – View from the Top. Photo essay by Arthur Martins Maciel.

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Some of the most beautiful, well designed cities have grown over years and years, instead of being designed and becoming instantly successful. Interview with young British designer & architect Chris Dove.

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Street style photography as a mean of revealing ones character through the way they dress: Interview with Andreea Bogdan.


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Cedric Dasesson shares his vision of the Sardinian coast

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  The art of photography as a tool to capture “a smell of his life”



[cover_boxes title_tag=”h3″ title1=”AESTHETIC STUDY | MINIMAL” text1=”We all crave uncluttered space – in our mind it equates with clear thoughts. And minimalism seems like a cure for overwhelming present state of the world.” link1=”http://aesthetist.co/minimal/” link_label1=”READ MORE” target1=”_self” title2=”AESTHETIC STUDY | OCEAN” text2=”Here, standing by the ocean you feel its solitary wildness in the most primitive and archaic way. It beckons and it enchants you. It moves you with its rhythmic swing.” link2=”http://aesthetist.co/aesthetic-study-ocean/” target2=”_self” title3=”AESTHETIC STUDY | CITY” text3=”Wanderer. Flaneur. Street Photographer. A Man with a Camera. Urban evolution of the observer in the city.” link3=”http://aesthetist.co/aesthetic-study-city/” target3=”_self” read_more_button_style=”yes” image1=”21712″ image2=”21714″ image3=”1116″]


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Mesmerizing Session | Winter’16[/interactive_banners]

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