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Chronicles of Aé | New year, new Aésthetist

“Intelligence…is really a kind of taste: taste in ideas”

Susan Sontag

Dear reader,

Welcome to the  Daily, a culture & style gazette brought to you by the editorial team of Aésthetist Magazine.

Since we founded Aésthetist Magazine one year ago, we devoted ourselves to researching concepts, theories and myths scattered in global culture to put them into context of our everyday life. In that time  has featured dozens of works by talented visualists and storytellers from around the world, earning the love of hundreds of readers. 

But a quarterly only comes out…well, you know. So, we have been looking for a way to keep in touch with you between issues. In  Daily, closer to real time, we will try to call attention to our favourite artists and selected lifestyle objects, sharing the moments from the process of creating our new issue. 

Stay creative, 

Lily McFly

Aé Daily

by Lily McFly


February 15, 2016